Friday, April 12, 2013


$42.00 A MINUTE
Johann Wagener 4-12-13

I fell down. I was taken to a hospital emergency room in which I spent a total of 4 hours consisting of;
1 hour in the waiting area
30 minutes in a holding area
30 minutes for an MRI
15 minutes consulting with a physician
45 minutes lying in bed being visited by a nurse every 10 minutes.
In addition to the MRI tests included blood and urine.
No ambulance services were used.

The total amount for accommodation and services rendered; $10,088.50 which works out to $42.00 a minute 60 of which were spent sitting in a waiting room. 

My Social Security Benefits total $1,511.90 a month (a 1.7% increase over last year) of which I pay an insurance premium of $104.90 a month for Medicare from which $1,043.00 was paid toward the hospital visit, leaving a balance of $8,995.00

To those who believe Social Security benefits deserve to be cut in order to “balance” the budget, which Boehner says is the way American families do it, I say simply; do the math stupid! 

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