Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Johann Wagener 4-9-13

Meet the 13 Republican senators vowing to block a gun control law

Gun control senators composite

The Congress operates very much like a brothel. The only difference is the services they offer; one is sexual, the other is political. 

Lobbyists, who operate like pimps, hook these political prostitutes up with deep pocket “John’s” who throw money at them in return for political favors.

These hookers will use every trick in the book to satisfy their Johns greedy appetites.

A perfect example of this process is the gun control issue. Even though 90% of the voters favor gun control, this small group of hookers who are being pimped by the NRA are using their bag of tricks obstruct the political process to ensure that the John’s they pander to will get what they want.

These political prostitutes make a mockery of our Constitution by blocking or circumventing the democratic process it was drafted to protect the people who voted them into office. The 90% are sacrificed at the altar of the 10% while those we have entrusted with our safety stand by (or help them) strip us of our rights. 

We allow this small, but dangerous, group of corrupted individuals to endanger the lives of our children by protecting and facilitating the purchase of weapons and ammunition that are used primarily to assault and massacre human beings, like sheep to the slaughter.

It’s long past the time when the citizens of this nation stand up for their rights and send a message to those who are conniving to destroy our democracy that enough is enough! 

That operating our government like a brothel is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated.