Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ten Ways the Wealthy Dodge Taxes

Johann Wagener 4-13-13

Getting rich in a country that practices crony capitalism is not about being smarter than others, or working harder that others, or yanking yourself up by your bootstraps. The way to get rich is about being better than others at lying, stealing and cheating. The cornerstone of the 1% who will do whatever it takes to make more for less and to hell with everyone else.

Rather than putting back some of their wealth into the system that made them wealthy they would rather spend
large sums of money looking for ways to shirk their responsibilities and literally screw those who helped them along the way.  Some will even go so far as to denounce their citizenship;

"Startling new data from Uncle Sam show that defections by Americans are expected to double this year, largely to avoid any stiff tax bills resulting from the proposed 55 percent hike on the rich -- as well as the likely expiration on Dec. 31 of the Bush era tax cuts. As many as 8,000 US citizens are projected by immigration officials to renounce in 2012, or about 154 a week, versus 3,805 in 2011, or about 73 per week."   

America’s rich are renouncing their citizenship at record levels — just to get richer.

For those who don't flat out run, there's countless schemes in the tax laws they paid politicians to write that do a good job screwing Uncle Sam.

How Mitt Romney stashed millions in a tax-free IRA, and other mysteries.

Ten Ways the Wealthy Dodge Taxes