Saturday, December 15, 2012


Gun advocates continue to herald the claim that "guns don't kill people" - "people kill people" as if the two were completely separate issues.

A simple reality check debunks this twisted logic because the reality is "people WITH guns kill people" and lot's of them!

Even a full blown psychopath would be hard pressed to massacre dozens of people within minutes using  a knife, tire iron, baseball bat, or any other weapon for that matter, with the one exception; a GUN! All it takes is a squeeze on the trigger from a safe distance to slaughter men, women, and yes, children in the blink of an eye.

Our esteemed Supreme Court will waste time arguing about crazy making issues and make even crazier rulings on them (e.g. corporations are people) while completely ignoring truly life threatening issues like gun control.

For those who absolutely insist on owning a gun we can give them an option of one gun, one bullet and the right to use it on themselves. And, as the NRA's horn blower (the late Charleston Heston) was quoted as saying, we can then pry it from their "cold dead hands."