Monday, December 24, 2012

7 Birth of Christ Myths Debunked Just in Time for Xmas

I could not help responding to the author of this this post; especially on the eve of the celebration of Christ's birth. His timing could not have been worse, nor the message completely contrary to what you would expect on a someone's birthday.

The Christians peddle the idea of Jesus, wrapped in swaddling clothes, in a manger, surrounded by wise men, holding frankincense, gold and myrrh,  while a variety of farm animals looked on.  The Big J himself, of course, was as white as snow, at least according to those white-as-snow believers.

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Dear Mike:

Most of recorded history consists of made up fairy tales, spiked with a little fact. And that doesn't exclude the Bible. On the other hand, why just pick on Jesus? There's a whole bunch of more deserving folks out here who need to be outed. Rather than play with the facts which would be presumptuous for anyone to really believe they have them why not just get into the "spirit" of Christmas in commemoration of the birth of one of the most (if not the most) talked  about people (human or otherwise) in history?

To all you atheist out there, you might be surprised what you could discover about your self  if you just stopped trying to "think" and trying so hard to figure out something you'll never be able to really "know."  That's why they call it a "mystery". Just like trying to find a "meaning" to life rather than just living it, the energy put into trying to debunk Christian mythology, could be better used just "living" (practicing) a life based on the teachings of Jesus. Given the state of things it might just be worth trying.