Monday, December 3, 2012


Jason Whitlock spoke the undeniable truth about our sick and depraved additction to "blood lust". We are not much more evolved than those in the Roman Empire days who stuffed stadiums to cheer Gladiators play the "sport" of slaughtering Christians.

Whitlcock hit it on the head (excuse the pun) when he wrote;

"It should come as no surprise that Crennel, Chiefs players, Pioli, owner Clark Hunt and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell quickly agreed not to delay Sunday’s football congregation at Arrowhead Stadium.

We remember those who have died in the sports world in 2012.
Football is our God. Its exaggerated value in our society has never been more evident than Saturday morning in my adopted hometown. There’s just no way this game should be played.

Twenty-eight hours after witnessing one of his starting linebackers take his life, Crennel will stand on the sideline as young men play a violent game. Twenty-eight hours after one of their best friends killed the mother of his child and himself, Chiefs players will take the field and play a violent game.

Football is a game of emotion. Football is a game in which the coaches and players preach about treating each other as family.

How can they play Sunday? Why should they?"

In KC, its no time for a game