Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is Mitt made in America?

What happened to the toaster I remember my grandma using and then passing it on to my mom? It seemed to last forever. Why? Because it was "made in America".  I should have taken that toaster when my mom offered instead of buying a brand new shiny new one, and then 1 year later, another, and then another. I called them "disposable" toasters. Why? Because they were made in China! The same goes for the garden hoses, the silver ware, the kids toys, my clothes. They all look nice on the outside but are just junk on the inside! Why is stuff made in China cheap?  Because it's not made to last long;most of the time just a little longer than the warranty. Think about it. How much of the stuff you bought 5 years ago that was made in China still around?