Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A bad case of "foot in mouth" disease

It's no wonder "Romneyites" prefer to remain anonymous and lurk in the shadows. When they do come out they unfortunately speak the truth like one not-to-smart supporter who blandly stated that the "working class" is too dumb to know what is going on.

I couldn't agree more. In fact they are so dumb they would actually vote for someone (Romney) who makes no bones about how successful he is at ripping people off and finding loopholes to rip off his country. It is true that the "average" guy on the street doesn't realize they are being ripped off and don't understand how they are being played. Maybe these uninformed people should attend a few of these Romney get-togethers (as a valet or server, or maybe a nailady?) and get a first hand look at how bad off they are and how they are seen by the "Range Rover" crowd. That might help them wise up.