Friday, July 13, 2012

Great American companies don't outsource American jobs overseas

“All this talk about Olympic uniforms made in China is nonsense,” said USOC Communications Director Patrick Sandusky. “Polo-Ralph Lauren is an American company that supports American athletes.”
The uniforms include red and navy ties, double-breasted blazers, and cuffed cream-colored trousers. The total cost of each uniform ranges from $1,500 to $1,900, but athletes do not pay for the clothing themselves.
“These are great uniforms that represent our team well, our American team. This is a company that employs thousands of people in the U.S., supporting their brand and supporting our team,” Sandusky said.
NOTE: Nonsense? Is it nonsense to be upset that with millions of Americans out of work that uniforms worn by Americans to represent America are being made in China by a company that claims to be a great American company? That's not nonsense. It's disgusting and arrogant and people like Sandusky should pick up a dictionary and look up the definition of patriotism.