Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Obama claims allowing American citizens who were victimized by a foreign country to sue them and take it to court is bad for America.

What he fails to say is that it's only bad for some Americans, not America.  And who would they be? Anyone from Main Street? Doubtful.

The people who are worried this could backfire on them by allowing foreign countries to sue in kind are probably needing to be sued.

To deprive Americans who have been victimized just to protect special interests of the privileged few is what's bad for America and Obama should be the first to admit it rather than trying to avoid it.

JASTA would allow the families of victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia for its role in supporting plotters in the lead-up to the attack. President Obama vetoed the bill Friday, claiming other nations could reciprocate and that it would open taxpayers up to lawsuits for America’s own misdeeds internationally.

Carter’s opposition to JASTA took a different tack, arguing that a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia over 9/11 would lead to “an intrusive discovery process,” and ultimately lead to the public disclosure of “American secrets,” potentially damaging the terror war.

While this is in keeping with the administration’s obsession to keep myriad secrets (after all, the 28 pages disclosure on Saudi involvement in 9/11 only became public in a heavily redacted form after a protracted effort), it also seems to amount to an admission that America has more secrets that would be relevant in the case against the Saudis.

Exactly what that would be, or even where it would come from, is unclear, as while there were considerable redactions within the 28 pages, none of them gave the appearance of providing any US ties to any of the pre-9/11 shenanigans.