Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Immunity from prosecution and taking the 5th when testifying was the rule, not the exception in the Hillary email server investigation.

Yet, Americans are asked to believe that no crimes or obstruction of justice  were found in the FBI investigation of Hillary and her minions.

First and foremost even someone of average intelligence knows that people that refuse to answer questions under oath by "pleading the 5th" are doing so because they do not want to incriminate themselves after doing something illegal.

Second, we also know that people who ask for "immunity from prosecution" are doing so because they know they did something illegal which if found out, might land them in jail.

When everything is on the up and up as the FBI claims neither of these 2 conditions are necessary.

We were also told that Hillary was more than willing to be interviewed by the FBI but failed to mention that she brought an army of attorneys along with her that people who are so willing to cooperate usually don't do.

An FBI report released earlier this month showed five attorneys accompanied Clinton to her interview, Mills, David Kendall, Kathleen Turner, and Heather Samuelson, who was also interviewed as a witness in the email probe.

POLITICO has learned that the fifth lawyer, whose name was redacted from the report, is a colleague of Kendall and Turner at Williams & Connolly, Amy Saharia. It's unclear why her her name was deleted from the report, since her representation of Clinton in federal court litigation related to the email matter has been a matter of public record since July.

Comey: FBI looked 'hard' for obstruction of justice in Clinton email probe - POLITICO