Thursday, September 22, 2016


It looks like if your'e "connected" to powerful people like the Clinton's you are pretty much immune from the law and can get away with crimes that; for the average person, would land you in jail before you could say jail.

After his first sexting scandal forced Weiner to resign from Congress, Abedin was so rock steady that just two years later he was leading the polls in his comeback candidacy for mayor of New York City. Those hopes ended when he was caught again, but he still had Abedin. And her steadfast presence reinforced our general willingness to give somebody a second or even a third chance.

Weiner began writing for a newspaper and appearing on television news shows. He was not greatly exaggerating when he texted somebody: “I’m a big wheel in this town.”

Unfortunately, those words appear to have been part of a chat that veered into more sexting, including a selfie of Weiner’s famous “package.” The difference this time was that Weiner apparently took the photo while he was in bed with his toddler son.

Huma Abedin, the Good Wife, Reaches Her Limit With Anthony Weiner - The Daily Beast