Sunday, December 1, 2013


Johann Wagener 12-01-13

Now that actual holidays are turning into shopidays maybe it's time to rethink your shopping strategy in finding the best cluck for your buck.

Rather than suiting up and battling your way through hoards of often angry shoppers who are willing to kill to get that door-buster why not wait a few more days; even up to a week before plunging in?

If you think 35% or 50% is a deal what about 75% or 90% off? Now, that's a deal!

That's what usually happens when retailers end up overstocked when the few door busters were not enough to sucker anyone into buying something else and instead went home empty handed.

All you need to do is hold your breath, disconnect from the marketing blitz by putting everything on fast-forward and wait. Especially for those electronics. If you dare wait a month you'll find that $1,000 flat screen cut to $600 for the holiday door-buster now dropped to $300 to make room for another of a never ending string of "new and improved" whatever.

Retailers plan how to hook shoppers months in advance and are counting on them to take the bait, year after year in order to continue pumping up the bottom line and beating the previous years figures. That's the way business works in America. There's never enough profits so by hook or by crook they look for ways to outsmart shoppers. Since last year was pretty much lackluster they invade the holiday itself to kick off what used to be "black Friday" and create "grey Thursday" mania.  I can't wait to see what they come up with for Christmas.