Friday, December 6, 2013


Johann Wagener 12-06-13

Several of the news media outlets are making a "Made In America" pitch to Americans and showing spot ads of companies plugging the slogan.

Unfortunately, the "Made In America" and "America Strong" media blitzes don't include those commonly labeled as "the unskilled" much like the "scarlet letter A" of times past, and now replaced with a "U".

These are the Americans that tirelessly work but are hardy able to survive on wages that are so low they remain below the poverty line and many need to be subsidized by the American taxpayer with welfare, food stamps, and healthcare. They and their families live day-to-day, in fear of losing what little they have and ending up in the streets, homeless and even more desperate.

 They are not "unskilled" as employers would like you to believe. They provide Americans with a much needed, and in demand, service that millions of Americans use daily.

Americans seem to forget that these human beings are also "made in America."

To those who claim that "higher wages means higher prices" tell them "higher wages means lower profits."