Saturday, December 14, 2013


Johann Wagener 12-14-13

Representative government; one created by the majority of it's citizens, is much like a bodyguard. The bigger the better!

Those who oppose big government are usually small "special interest" groups that have little or no clout in a functional democracy and can only operate in an environment where there is little or no oversight or regulation. Much like we have witnessed time and time again when the country is brought to the brink of destruction by self-serving destructive forces that are allowed to go unchecked and grow to be so powerful that they are "too big" to fail or jail.

These "too big" entities exist because of "too small" government. Underfunded or non-existent regulatory agencies unable to enforce or exert controls that are often gutted by corrupt politicians who pander to special interests who fund their campaigns. Or politicians gerrymandered into office which effectively nullifies majority representation and renders the government ineffective as we have been witnessing these past 6 years.

What we are witnessing today is the dismantling of our government and the foundations it was built on. At the same time our bodyguards become weaker and less effective as many Americans continue to buy into the myth that Reagan (or those who wrote his speeches) perpetrated on us along with the ill fated concept of "trickle down economics; both miserable failures.

Just as time is running out in curtailing climate change, the clock is also ticking when it comes to salvaging what remains of the "American Dream." In order to survive America needs a "big" strong government and effective regulatory agencies that can guard Americans from predators that relentlessly look for ways to exploit and oppress our government and citizens.

2014 mid-term elections is the next opportunity for Americans to take this country back from those who threaten our way of life.  Americans need to remember that this country is at it's best when the majority of it's people determine the direction in which it goes; not allowing 1% of the population to walk away with 45% of our wealth, or imposing economic slavery on our working class. Allowing individual rights to be superseded by corporate interests or our Presidents to be elected by the courts instead of our citizens.

Small government, weak bodyguards, rampant cronyism and corruption are the precursors to a complete breakdown of this society.

There's still time to save ourselves.