Friday, July 12, 2013

The Watching Dead

Johann Wagener 7-12-13

Here's another example of why this culture is in the fast lane of self-destruction. Not only do we waste billions on games we now find out that most of the time we devote to it is completely wasted on watching these clowns doing nothing.

How much action does a baseball game have? Almost 18 minutes

In any given year, roughly 70 million people will attend major-league baseball games. A lucky handful will be treated to something unforgettable: a no-hitter, a walk-off grand slam, a player stealing home. Many more fans will see towering home runs, late-inning rallies and diving catches. But there is one thing every single fan who buys a ticket is 100% guaranteed to see: a bunch of grown men standing in a field, doing absolutely nothing.

A similar WSJ study on NFL games in January 2010 found that the average action time for a football game was 11 minutes. So MLB does pack more punch in a battle of the two biggest stop-and-start sports. By seven minutes.