Saturday, July 13, 2013


Johann Wagener 7-13-13

There's nothing more disgusting than to learn that some of the largest, wealthiest, and powerful companies are the biggest offenders when it comes to ripping off the public. When it comes to making money it supersedes everything else; laws, fairness, honesty, integrity, and just plain ethics. Left to their own devices these greed addicts will suck the lifeblood out of anyone that get in their sights.

Apple loses eBook price fixing lawsuit: Court finds tech giant conspired with publishers

Overnight, US District Judge Denise Cote found there was “compelling evidence” Apple violated antitrust law as a result, and played a “central role” in the plan to essentially erase retail price competition.

“Apple chose to join forces with the publisher defendants to raise eBook prices and equipped them with the means to do so," Cote found in her decision. "Without Apple's orchestration of this conspiracy, it would not have succeeded as it did.”