Monday, November 12, 2012


Evangelicals should reflect on the path they are on when it comes to following what Jesus preached; brotherly love, turning the other cheek, not casting stones, the last shall be first, and many other pearls of wisdom on how to live a christian life.

Following Bush on his quixotic Crusades into 2 senseless and self destructive wars is not turning the other cheek. Jesus taught tolerance and diplomacy.

Depriving people less fortunate of basic necessities like food, shelter and healthcare is not brotherly love.  Jesus acknowledged that there will always be poverty but He did not say ignore it or act in ways that create it. 

A large number of Americans said they would vote for "anybody but Obama" maybe even a ham sandwich? Hating those that are different than you is not what Jesus taught. 

A genuine Christian who truly believes in God and attests to the teaching of Jesus would not act and talk the way they have in this last election. and, now that it's over and God has spoken maybe it's time to sit down open up a Bible and get back to basics. 

Our President has; (or is)

* Ending the wars Bush started.

* Providing healthcare for all Americans

* Protecting programs like Social Security to keep people out of poverty

* Providing education for all Americans so they can all succeed

* Distributing the wealth that was created by all Americans, not by a select few. It's called fair share.

If you doubt that this is the right path to go on; take a few minutes to pray on it and run it by Jesus and ask for His guidance and counsel. It's not too late.