Friday, July 13, 2018


It looks like POTUS is once again being played by the Establishment and, once again, he will beat them at their own game because he won't play by their rules.

The expectation is that by the DOJ indicting a dozen Russians for alleged crimes against the Establishment a few days before POTUS is scheduled to sit down with Vlad P he will be compelled to create an incident designed to make him look bad by creating tension and possible hostility between the 2 countries. 

To make that happen POTUS would have to go along with the Establishment's "allegations" that Russia was guilty of these alleged crimes without the benefit of a real trial or conviction; but just the allegations made by agencies that are know to be infested with people hostile to POTUS and willing to commit acts (possible crimes) with the intention to bring him down.

Will POTUS just roll over and go along with the ploy?

Trump Will 'Absolutely, Firmly' Ask Putin About Russian Meddling in US Elections