Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Is the President on to something when he says that his phones were wiretapped?
Is the Intelligence Community complicit in hacking and tapping Americans under the guise of looking for terrorists?
It appears that it's not just the Russians that are hacking into the lives of private citizens and organizations in other countries. 
WikiLeaks Exposes CIA’s Covert Global Hacking Program

The documents, which include more than 70,000 redactions, show how CIA hackers use malware, trojan viruses and other tools to convert electronics, including phones and smart TVs, into covert microphones used for spying. The group also says there are documents showing that the CIA uses the U.S. consulate in Frankfurt as a covert hacker base for its European operations.

Among the most salacious revelations in the WikiLeaks release come from documents showing how CIA developed techniques to hack Samsung smart TVs with British intelligence services. The malware, called Weeping Angel, records audio while the target of the hack believes the TV is turned off.

One of the documents released on Tuesday purportedly shows that the CIA was working on a program as of Oct. 2014 that would infect the vehicle control systems of certain cars and trucks.

“The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations,” WikiLeaks asserts.

The group also claims that the documents show that the CIA has developed techniques that allow it to bypass encryption used by secret text messaging programs like WhatsApp, Signal, and Confide.

In its explainer, WikiLeaks attempts to capitalize on the recent debate about whether President Obama spied on President Trump prior to the election. Trump made the unfounded claim on Twitter on Saturday.

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