Friday, February 17, 2017


First, you pick a buzz word; in this case "Russian" and then begin building rumors around it. Russia this and Russia that. You then fill the 24hr news cycle with he this, they that that at some point takes a life of it's own. 

Then you feed it to the pundits who then spew out their own individual interpretations while adding their own bias to it. 

Viola! You end up with something like this; but look out for the granual of fact that renders the rest of it fake. (see bold/underline below)

KremlinGate Enters Uncharted Waters as Russian Links Overwhelm DC

As The New York Times reported, NSA intercepted numerous conversations between members of Trump’s inner circle and senior Russian intelligence officials, as well as other Kremlin power-players.

Although NSA sources did not reveal the content of those calls—and even specified that to date, no signs of collusion in hurting Clinton’s campaign had been found—the appearance of something worse than mere impropriety was unavoidable. 

There are several reasons why a presidential campaign might regularly contact a hostile foreign intelligence service—and none of them is savory.