Saturday, February 25, 2017


CNN once again demonstrated why it's credibility as a news organization has vanished.

The event itself was nothing short of an hysteria driven Establishment anti-Trump rally where the elites once again played musical chairs within their inner circle in one more desperate attempt to
maintain the status quo.

A news-worthy event? Hardly.

Perez wins DNC chairmanship

In a victory speech, Perez vowed that Democrats would wage an all-out battle to deny Trump a second term.
"We are at a 'where were you?' moment in American history: Where were you in 2017 when we had the worst President in US history?" he said.

What is being ignored, and at their peril, is that Main Street Americans are not going to fall back in line now that they have a genuine people oriented  person in the White House. 

Traditional Establishment parties are no longer the viable forces they once were; Trump proved that without question. The Republicans appear to have gotten the message and are reluctantly morphing into what Americans are looking for. 

As for the Democrats? Looks like the arrogance and denial remains strong; at least for now.