Wednesday, November 9, 2016


This was something the country needed. Draining the swamp as Trump aptly put it.

The process reminds of the days back when mom used to shove a spoonful of castor oil down me at least once a month whether I needed it or not. She said it was to keep me "regular."

I see the similarities because the Establishment is suffering from a sever case of constipation; bloated and gassy,filled with corrupt self serving people who gorge themselves on the countries wealth, leaving little to none for those countless others who did all the work.

If you need an example we need look no further than 2008 when the people that Hillary was giving $200,000 a pop pep talks to cleaned out the nations wealth in one felt swoop and suffered little to no consequences. In fact they were rewarded for their recklessness much like Hillary was expecting to get her comes-uppin in return for all that pay for play she was so good at.

This is hard to swallow for those who have been living the good life at the expense of the middle class Main Street Americans but in the long run; just like castor oil, the country will feel much better.

Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump marks the end of a decidedly tumultuous campaign season for Clinton, who faced a host of setbacks, many of her own making. Early exit polls from CNN showed 58 percent of the white vote went to Trump. White men and women voted for Trump 63 and 53 percent, respectively. He won whites with college degrees (49 percent) and without (67 percent).