Friday, November 11, 2016


Bill Maher and a truckload of other clowns in the Hollywood crowd spent the better part of the election cycle bad mouthing Trump.

Bill Maher (a self professed pothead) labeled Trump a "whiny little bitch" and it really caught on with the Trump-bashers. ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ Will Be Livestreamed On YouTube Tonight

Now that Donald Trump is the "elected" (no selected) president and the voters have laid waste to both the East and West coast Establishment(s) we get to witness who the truly "whining little bitches are" and their initials are not DT. Celebs who said they’d leave country if Trump won | TheHill

Bill now has a choice; eat humble pie and apologize to the new president elect and the Americans that voted for him In U.S., 84% Accept Trump as Legitimate President

or take the low road and join the other "whining little bitches" wail and grind their teeth and continue to tear the country apart?  Stars Join ‘Hail Mary’ Movement Attempting To Deny Donald Trump The Presidency