Saturday, November 7, 2015


Being a fairly well educated left of the left who takes being called a socialist liberal as a compliment I surprised my self when I had to admit to my "self" that I liked Trump! Why, I asked my self?

Simply put. What you see is what you get (well, except maybe for the hair).

Trump epitomizes what America is really all about;

Violent (bullish)
Self aggrandizing
and, most of all

What's admirable about Trump is that he doesn't hide any of those traits and that's why so many Americans like him! He tells them what they want to hear and really means it!

And, for those very same reasons, it's no surprise that a loony tune (Ben) is running a close second.

That's also why there's no real competition out there to match Trump. All the other clowns on the train are wanna-be Trumps that are completely out of their element. Scripted talking points is their on weapon(s) and very poorly drafted at that.

The debates are non-starters when compared to SNL. And Trump wins that one hands down.

“SNL’s” inexplicable Trump fiasco: Why the Donald’s unprecedented hosting gig deserves all the criticism

Trump is the first top-flight presidential candidate to host “SNL” during the middle of an active campaign. Political cameos on the show are a time-honored staple—hello, Val!—and politicians have hosted before, but they’ve all been in between races, with the exception of barely-a-candidate Al Sharpton in early 2003. This time, “SNL” is giving Trump an extended platform it’s not giving to any of the other candidates in either the Republican or Democratic race. This isn’t illegal—the equal time rules for candidates are byzantine and stacked in favor of not actually giving people equal time—but it’s a notable and rather strange intervention by “SNL” nonetheless. Trump may be, in many ways, a joke, but his presidential campaign long since crossed the line from entertainment into serious reality. The haste with which NBC yanked a promo in which Trump called Ben Carson a “total loser” shows the risky waters the network is wading in.