Monday, November 9, 2015


I like Bill Maher. He's cute, witty, knows how to throw zingers with precision and, for the most part entertains people.

When it comes to religion, however, Bill has a serious problem and is obsessive (almost manic) about disavowing anything that even smells of religion as nothing more than "magical" thinking that intoxicates people and results in nothing but bad outcomes. Much like a modern day version of the Marxist adage; religion is the opium of the masses.

I'm guessing that Bill's problem with religion stems from his childhood experiences with Catholicism (that I can easily relate to) that traumatized him so bad he suffers from some form of PTSD spiced with a tinge of denial.

What Bill doesn't seem to get is that he is no different than the "masses" when it comes to magical thinking but rather than getting there thru God he found salvation in "delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol"

In plain English Bill is a full blown "pot head."  Bill doesn't realize (or won't admit) that Weed - Pot - Bud - Herb - Grass - Refer - Ganja - Green - Mary Jane - Cheeba is an;


Hallucinogens are natural and synthetic (synthesized) substances that, when ingested (taken into the body), significantly alter one's state of consciousness. Hallucinogenic compounds often cause people to see (or think they see) random colors, patterns, events, and objects that do not exist. People sometimes have a a different perception of time and space, hold imaginary conversations, believe they hear music and experience smells, tastes, and other sensations that are not real.

As such every toke transforms (alters) his consciousness and sends him off into a "magical" realm of his own psychic world where he can freely hallucinate about whatever is fired off by those "altered" neurons in his head.

Marijuana and hashish, two substances derived from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), are  considered natural hallucinogens, although their potency (power) is very low when compared to others. Marijuana (also called grass, pot, tea, weed, or reefer), a green herb from the flower of the hemp plant, is considered a mild hallucinogen. Hashish is marijuana in a more potent, concentrated form. Both drugs are usually smoked. Their effects include a feeling of relaxation, faster heart rate, the sensation that time is passing more slowly, and a greater sense of hearing, taste, touch, and smell. 

Given Bill's religious conditioning, like it or not, he is religious. The connections to mystical - magical beings or events is "implanted" in Bill and nothing short of a brain transplant will change that. So, I'm guessing Bill spends a lot of his pot induced states in some sort of religious (spiritual) fantasy world where many before him have visited under the guise of some form of religion;

Some users of hallucinogens have reported feeling mystical and insightful, while others are fearful, paranoid (excessively suspicious or mistrustful of others), and hysterical (exhibiting overwhelming or unmanageable fear or emotional excitability). Medicine men, shamans, and other spiritual leaders have used natural hallucinogens found in plants and mushrooms since ancient times, believing in their power to help contact the spiritual world or mystical beings for guidance in serving their people.

Pollen from flowers and other plants-—most with medicinal properties-—was found in the grave of a Neanderthal man in Shanidar, Iraq. Scientists believe that since these prehistoric people very likely knew how to use plants for medicine, they probably used hallucinogenic plants in rituals. Archaeological evidence also shows that psychoactive drugs (drugs that affect the mind or behavior) were used in ancient Egypt, Greece, Europe, and many other cultures.

Bill is nothing less than a religious zealot when it comes to preaching the legalization of pot. The Cannabist. 

Much like John the Baptist, Bill devotes an inordinate amount of time praising pot and advocating it's legalization to "free" the pot heads of America from the chains of legal oppression. Not much different that those who flip and flop on the church floor or wrap snakes around their necks spreading the word.

My advice to Bill is, hey dude! Lighten up! There's plenty of room on the planet for religious nuts and pot heads. Chill man! You do your thing and let others do theirs. Whatever get's you where yo want to go bro!

After all, it's ALL just about magic.