Monday, October 12, 2015


He may not be charged with a crime but his name will go down in infamy.  As will the names of those who persist on killing (murdering) or maiming living creatures for pleasure. Tropy Hunting is NOT a sport but a barbaric ritual practiced by disturbed individuals who have no respect for life.

The controversy surrounding the killing was spurred by both the target of the hunt—Cecil was a black-maned lion well known by tourists and safari goers who visited the country’s Hwange National Park—and the hunting style Palmer used to kill Cecil.

Hunting guides hired by Palmer reportedly tied a dead animal to the hood of a car and lured Cecil outside the park’s protected boundaries. The seasoned hunter shot the lion with a bow, wounding the animal before tracking it down and killing it hours later. Professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst — whom Palmer hired — and a game park owner who allowed the hunt to take place on his land are being charged with breaching hunting rules that led to Cecil’s death.