Saturday, October 3, 2015


The latest disaster involving the US war machine in a foreign country is one more of a string of examples of why becoming involved in a countries internal conflicts; be they political or religious, is foolhardy  and doomed to fail. The previous generation learned that lesson in Vietnam but unfortunately t didn't carry over to this generation.

Blowing up hospitals with Afghans in them doesn't win heart and minds regardless of what side the Afghans are on.Doctors Without Borders says U.S. airstrike hit hospital in Afghanistan; at least 19 dead

For the last 16 years the US has been bogged down in nothing more than "civil wars" both in Iraq and Afghanistan. These internal conflicts between opposing factions of the countries population  have been going on for centuries and for reasons not much different than the Civil War between the North and South in the US. 

Outside intervention is hopeless and futile unless these countries are occupied or colonized; and then the future is still bleak given the history.

Plain and simple, these are "win-less" wars.