Thursday, June 25, 2015


While Republicans who pander to the MIC would like you to believe we have to go over there before they come over here it seems that they are here already; homegrown right-wing terrorists. They wear T-Shirts emblazoned with Swastikas and Confederate flags and ramble on about how the US is being overrun by foreign invaders who want to take their guns. They are white, young and angry and probably don't even know how to spell jihad.

Even though these misguided zealots do present a threat the greater threat is the indifference and/or ignorance a large number of Americans suffer from by buying into the scare mongering about dark skinned, bearded foreigners who speak in strange tongues and blow themselves up.

As the nation reels from last week’s mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, which left nine churchgoers dead, data show that since 9/11, there have been more deadly attacks in the U.S. carried out by right-wing assailants than by “jihadists.” What’s more, right-wing attacks have killed almost twice as many Americans