Thursday, June 4, 2015


This family just doesn't get it.   It's not that one of their kids got a little carried away when his raging teen-hormones got out of control. That's understandable and not as uncommon as one would like to believe.  It's not the bad deed but the cover up.

The problem with the Duggars; especially the parents, is that they hid their shortcomings to protect their money-making TV franchise which portrays them as "all goodie, goodie, God fearing Christians who are better than those the "fallen" audience they pander to.

Fox News and the Duggars reach a disgusting new low: The twisted persecution complex in last night’s insane interview

Megyn Kelly, avenger, swooped in to get an interview with the victims in the Duggar family molestation case. The victims being parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, of course. In the span of an hour Wednesday night, Fox News transformed the disturbing Duggar family into culture war martyrs, targets of the most vicious liberal attacks since the War on Christmas.

The Duggars delivered a stunning display of deflection, the longest exercise in self-absolution since Gov. Chris Christie’s two-hour pity party when Bridgegate was revealed. The right wing Christian activists and LGBT antagonists found unbelievably creative ways to minimize what son Josh did when he molested four of his sisters, and a baby sitter, in seven separate incidents.