Monday, February 16, 2015


What would road rage confrontations look like without guns? Some fingers flipped? A few loud words? Rear-ending? Side-swiping?

Granted; all dangerous, but lethal? Probably not.

Here's what can happen when guns are involved; and it's still not clear who fired first.

The family of a Nevada woman who was gunned down in front of her home after what police described as a road rage incident is grieving their loss and expressing sadness that her young grandchild will grow up without her.

Tammy Meyers died Saturday night after being shot late Thursday evening after taking her teenage daughter to practice driving at a school parking lot in Las Vegas, authorities said.

Meyers, 44, had four children and one grandchild, and now the family is grappling with what their life will be like without her.

Tammy Meyers' husband, Robert Meyers, said another one of their sons, a 23-year-old, reportedly came out of the house and began firing back at the car, according to The Associated Press, although Las Vegas police are still trying to sort out who fired first.

Robert Meyers told police he believes at least one of his son's shots hit the other car.

Matthew Meyers said his older brother ran out with his gun after his sister ran into the family home to say that a car was following them.

"My brother protects my mom, he has a concealed weapon," Matthew said.

"My brother saw the gun, he started popping shots at the dude," Matthew said, noting that it’s still unclear who fired first.