Thursday, February 5, 2015


This study attempts to answer that question;

Does money corrupt?

What is it about being wealthy that might make people behave differently?

Is it the feeling of societal advantage? Or maybe it's the belief that wealth is proof of hard work, and therefore comes with certain entitlements.

A PBS "News Hour" report titled “Money on the Mind”explores these concepts and more, attempting to zero in on how and why money affects attitudes and behavior.

Citing the research of Paul Piff, a doctoral student in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, the report claims that having more money typically leads to more aggressive, selfish and “morally reprehensible” behavior.

For those who question that, the following example might help support the results;

                               Son allegedly killed hedge-funder dad after $200 allowance cut

The old man stiffed the kid out of $200.00! So what would you expect him to do? Sounds reasonable to me looking at it from a 1% point of view. After all, money is sacred. How dare someone deprive their 30 year old son of part of their allowance. 

This should be a clear message to all those money worshipers out there in 1% ville. Don't mess with your kids allowance. 

The bratty 30-year-old son of a millionaire Manhattan hedge-fund founder was charged Monday with murdering his dad after the old man cut his allowance — by a measly $200, law-enforcement sources said.

Thomas Gilbert Jr. faces multiple charges including murder and criminal possession of a weapon after he allegedly fired a single shot at his father’s head Sunday night.

The son, who just found out he was getting a $200 cut in his monthly allowance, asked his mother to go get him a sandwich so she’d be out of the family’s tony Beekman Place apartment just before he pulled the trigger and executed his dad, sources told The Post.

“He was cutting his allowance. He had been giving him $2,400 a month for rent and $600 for spending money, and he was cutting that to $400 a month for spending money,” a source said about
Thomas Gilbert Sr., founder of the Wainscott Capital hedge fund.