Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Johann Wagener 8-20-13

Getting the news; I mean real news, is not easy. The closest one can come to getting it is on PBS or NPR both publicly funded entities and not beholden to advertisers and those shadow-people called "investors."

Then there's the BBC who is the British version of our PBS that does an admirable job in sticking to what's going on in the world.

Then comes the "media circus" we call news media  who parade an unending army of "pundits'  around the circuit to hype whatever cause that particular network panders to. The left and the right use the same game card so neither is considered an actual "news" outlet and fall far behind even faux news shows like Colbert and Stewart when it comes to delivering rational, sensible information. They are consistent in filling the 24/7 cable void with an onslaught of one hour circus acts that only serve to dilute the news into a giant steaming pile of BS.
It's a rage fest of uninformed but sadly opinionated clowns ranting about nothing newsworthy desperately trying to fill the 24/7 void to keep their jobs. Journalism? No. Cronism? Yes.

Now comes "AL-J" as I call it and I'm wondering who's camp are they going to join? That's left to be seen of course, but my guess is that they will be a far cry from the cable circus crowd but not exactly a clone of the "public" outlets.

The unknown is who will view and support a Qatar funded  news organization. You can bet your granny's panties that the "flag wavers" will launch their attack and there's no way the "Fox-Zombies" would ever tune in to anything that threatens their fantasy world. So that leaves about 50% of the American viewing audience to decide if they are intelligent and concerned enough to look at the world through clearer glasses. And, AL-J to deliver as promised.

Al Jazeera America launches, but will Americans watch?