Saturday, August 24, 2013


Johann Wagener 8-24-13

Rush is nothing more than a Blubbery-Pillpopping-Blowhard who's bankrolled by the the Cock (spelling intentional) Bro's cartel to act as a "sh-t magnet" in attracting the dimwits (of which there is an abundance of in these United States) to keep them dumb, ill-informed,  and in line in fear that if they wised up the game would be over.

Limbaugh is astute at waving a flag in one hand while at the same time holds a gun in the other and spews on about taking down the country the flag represents. How dumb is that? Yet it sells well and is effective in keeping the heat off the 1% crowd who continue to pull of the greatest Ponzi scheme in history.

The following op-ed was a compassionate piece about a slightly disillusioned old man who was able to open himself up to what really matters in our short time on the planet. He, in a sense, was saved and enlightened before the end came, and I commend him for that.

Read it here: Dad, Rush Limbaugh and me

Then came the blow-back in today's Op-ed section of the LA Times which surprisingly brought some thinkers in addition to the "walking dead" Rushies.

Read it here: BLOW BACK 

What this tells me is that there is hope. That, in the end (or near there) we can redeem ourselves by realizing that yes indeed, there is a God (and those we hold close to our hearts) and He loves us enough to forgive us for following folks like Limbaugh down the path of doom and gloom. That even goes for Rush, if he's smart enough to get it.