Monday, May 13, 2013


9/11 vs BENGAZI
Johann Wagener 5-12-13

Politicians are either the dumbest people on the planet or they believe that the American people are.

Obama haters are huffing and puffing about an incident that is one of many that have occurred throughout the world in which Americans were attacked and lost their lives. A good number of these attacks were unforeseen and, though things might have been done differently, chances are the results would have been the same.

For politicians or other critics of the Obama administration to draw comparisons to any of these incidents to 9/11 (short of Pearl Harbor)  is idiotic at best and crazy at worst.

The first thing these uninformed crazies should do is "read" a little history and do a little "math" both of which one would assume they are capable of doing;

9/11 attack on US soil left 2,960 (mostly Americans) dead.LARGEST ATTACK ON US SOIL SINCE PEARL HARBOR

When did we know?  2 months or more before the attack BUSH IGNORES WARNING MEMO

Who knew? Every security agency all the way up to Bush himself. A DISASTER IN THE MAKING

Benghazi attack on foreign soil (Libya) 4 Americans killed. NO COMPARISON TO 9/11

When did we know? The day it happened! NOTHING IS BEING HIDDEN

Who knew? The Secretary of State at 10PM on the day of the attack. BENGHAZI ATTACK TIMELINE

This reads like Don Quixote with Republicans chasing windmills rather than doing the business of the people which is what they get paid to do. Unfortunately these are also the same people who were on watch on 9/11.