Saturday, August 4, 2012


There are a few of the 1% who are smart enough (and not so selfish and greedy) to know what side their bread is buttered on. Wealth is not created in a vacuum. People who get rich do so because of those untold number of others who support them by working for them, buying their products, paying their taxes to support   the country and even giving their lives to protect their way of life.

Now when times are tough and their country is in trouble many of these people want to run and hide, do whatever they can to dodge and avoid paying their fair share to support the country that made them rich. Some of them will go so far as to renounce their citizenship in order to hoard their wealth. They hide their money in far off places and create all sorts of gimmicks to dodge the tax man. They pay politicians to protect them at any cost even if it means destroying the very system that grew their wealth. They con middle class Americans into buying into a myth that if they are allowed to hoard their wealth we will all benefit because some of it will eventually "trickle down" to us. When? How much? Who knows? You just have to trust that it will even though it is just a "dream."

Those 1% count on you staying in the dream world while they go about hoarding the wealth. Their worse fear is that you will "wake up."

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