Friday, August 17, 2012


After leaving our economy in shambles and with very little left of our safety net the Republicans are again determined to rape and destroy what little the middle class has left to fall back on; Social Security and Medicare.

The Romney "capitalist vultures" would like to get their hands on these entitlements because there's very little left that they can milk out of the middle class. Just like their "trickle down con game" they would like to now con you into believing that Social Security and Medicare would be better if it were in the hands of the "private sector" .

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can easily see that this is one big fat lie. All they need to do is read a little history or look back at the BUSH DISASTER to see that the so-called "private sector" is made up of flim flam cons who lie, steal, and cheat to fill their own pockets at the expense of everyone else. The 1% who have ripped the country off big time and are hoarding more wealth than the other 95% have to share among us.