Sunday, July 9, 2017


There's a difference between tabloid press and "reporting the news" the latter requiring discipline in adhering to objectivity and unbiased analysis of the people and events being reported on.

Tabloid press, on the other hand, thrives on the dramatic exaggeration of the news with little regard to accuracy of details or credibility and with the emphasis placed on entertainment value. The more far fetched, unbelievable, provocative or insulting it is, the better.

The army of pundits who represent these organizations march in lock step when it comes to promoting tabloid press rather than just reporting the news.

Now that it's backfired these same so-called news media organizations are claiming to be the victims of the reaction of what they label the "media-illiterate"  rather than the perpetrators of what perpetuated it.

Anti-journalism “smears, lies and death threats” are on the rise, says CNN’s Brian Stelter, who devoted, for the second consecutive week, a segment of his Reliable Sources Sunday chat show to issues surrounding President Donald Trump’s ongoing attacks against the news organization.

“These people, these trolls, they’re media-illiterate,” Stelter said of anonymous online commenters who harass reporters and trash the press as fake news with ties to ISIS. “They don’t really know how newsrooms work.”

Stelter and his panel of guests, including Daily Beast editor John Avlon, USA Today‘s Kirsten Powers and Ben Jacobs, the Guardian reporter body-slammed by then-GOP candidate (now Montana congressman) Greg Gianforte, said such online threats against journalists have soared since Trump took office.

CNN: Anti-Journalism “Smears, Lies And Death Threats” On The Rise | Deadline