Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Bernie Sanders calls himself a "democratic socialist" who in a "representative democracy" is elected by, and represents, the  American (voters) "people."

The people that understand what Bernie Sanders stands for are, young, smart, and more passionate than the previous generation.Young Democrats Prefer Bernie Sanders, New Poll Finds

The "Millennials" are determined to take America back from what has come to be known as the "shadow" government that is now in power; A new book further explores the "red thread" that connects the war on terror, the militarization of America's foreign policy, rising inequality and the dysfunction that plagues our government.

These Americans believe that America is not for sale and that it's time for a political revolution in order to rescue the country from the Oligarchs that are devouring it for their own self-gain.

His opponents; mostly Republicans claim this is bad for Americans, but who are the Americans they represent? The Plutocrats Are Winning! The vast inequality they are creating is a death sentence for government by consent of the people. 

These power brokers are known as the "donor" class;

Ah, yes. The donor class! Those deep pockets flung open even wider by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision just six years ago, permitting the richest of the rich to pour even more of their fortunes into control of our electoral process. Brooks was saying openly what many of them are thinking privately: Only we can save the party from the megalomania of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and protect our precious status quo.

How best to do this? Brooks suggested that panicked “state legislators who are Republicans, congressmen, senators, local committeemen” should join with the donors “so they don’t send the party into suicide.” Makes sense — many of those very same folks already are deep in hock to the donors, their contributions often laundered via entities with high-falutin’ names – ALEC, for one, the American Legislative Exchange Council that lends a helping corporate hand to legislators eager to write favorable laws, provide tax breaks, dismember public employee unions and privatize government services.