Thursday, December 10, 2015


Whats the difference between a "radicalized" Muslim and Evangelical Christian? Are they not the same religious fanatics that use their religion as a weapon to attack those they oppose?

How do radical Muslims and Christians differ?

What comes to mind is;

* Muslims are dark-skinned and come from the Mideast, while

* Evangelicals are white and come from the Midwest.

Other than that they both believe they are "true" believers and adhere to a rigid radical religious doctrine that promises them a better Hereafter which they both crave for and justify their behavior towards that end (God made me do it).

They both blow things up (Timothy McVeigh) An Accurate Look at Timothy McVeigh's Beliefs

and shoot (kill) people indiscriminately (Robert Dear)  For Robert Dear, Religion and Rage Before Planned Parenthood Attack in service of their cause.

Donald Trump; the Republican front runner for president proposes to solve half the problem by banning "All" Muslims from the US; radicalized or not, but stays mute about the other half of the problem; "radicalized" Christians (mostly Evangelicals).

Trump and most of his counterparts completely ignore the fact that the majority of mass shootings and bombings in the US are perpetrated by Christians; mainstream white Americans, NOT Muslims hailing from some far off Middle-eastern country we can't pronounce the name of or find on a map.