Monday, August 31, 2015


It should come as no surprise that an angry black man with a gun would empty his gun into a white policeman.

Given the long history of police shootings in which suspects were not just shot, but literally mowed down in a hail of bullets, it's obvious that someone seeking retribution might act in the same way.

Maybe it's time to rethink the way suspects are apprehended by police rather than vilifying an obviously mentally damaged lone wolf.

Ambushed Texas Sheriff’s Deputy Was Shot 15 TIMES In Gas Station Execution

Authorities in Harris County, Texas say 30-year-old Shannon Miles ambushed sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth and shot him 15 times at a Houston-area gas station Friday.

Miles was arraigned Monday and is being held without bond on capital murder charges.

“They found Deputy Darren Goforth face down in a pool of his own blood,” Harris County district attorney Devon Anderson told a judge during Monday’s court proceedings, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Miles allegedly approached 47-year-old Goforth from behind and shot him in the back of the head. Miles continued shooting the 10-year veteran, who was in full uniform and still on duty, even after he fell to the ground.

The 15 shell casings found at the scene matched a .40-caliber handgun found at Miles home, according to Anderson.

“He unloaded the entire weapon into Deputy Goforth,” she said in court.