Wednesday, May 27, 2015


TLC wasn’t always a bastion of controversy. Once upon a time there was a nice, boring network called “The Learning Channel” which focused mainly on science, history, nature and adult educational content. After rebranding as TLC in 1998, we saw an incremental shift towards reality shows with more popular appeal, which is when everyone became very obsessed with renovating and we started to see shows like “Trading Spaces,” “Junkyard Wars,” and “A Wedding Story.” The biggest change came in 2008, when TLC rebranded itself with a new slogan “Life surprises” and a renewed focus on eclectic human stories instead of decorating and home improvement shows that had dominated the network a decade prior. Thus came the family-focused, individual-centric shows like “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” “Little People, Big World” and “17 Kids and Counting,” from which the slow crawl into absurdity began. Here’s a look at some of the most controversial moments TLC has weathered over the past few years:

From the Duggars to Honey Boo Boo: How TLC became the most controversial channel on television