Wednesday, April 22, 2015


It's no BS! Football or what I prefer to call "foolsball" is dangerous and not at all a fun game. This should serve as a wake-up call; especially to parents who throw their kids into harms way each time they send them out onto a football field.

The maximum payout for a player with Alzheimer's will be $3.5 million. But the average expected award is expected to be $190,000, when age and experience are factored in. Payouts decrease significantly when offsetting factors are considered.

Experts for the NFL and retired players estimated that about 6,000 of the estimated 19,000 retired players would be eligible for compensation, but just 3,600 would choose to participate.

Though there is no limit to the overall amount the NFL could pay out to the retired players, the individual award amounts are capped.

The deal covers all retired players or their estates who didn't opt out by the deadline last fall regardless of whether they sued the NFL. Around 200 players or their families -- including that of late San Diego Chargers great Junior Seau -- decided to not participate in the settlement and continue to pursue litigation on their own.

Attorneys for dozens of retired players filed the first concussion lawsuit against the NFL in Los Angeles Superior Court in July 2011. The case grew to more than 300 lawsuits which were consolidated in federal court.