Sunday, November 2, 2014


This is about 3 people; an 88 year old woman, her 93 year old husband and their 65 year old son, all living off the government dole to the tune of around  $130 million annually. Their son has not worked a day in his life and will remain unemployed until the time comes to fill his mothers shoes; though that is now doubtful since the show might be better served his son for whom they are creating a story book fairy tale to play out.

They are housed in museum-like structure that consists of total area is 828,821 square feet (77,000 sq m) and stands 78 feet (24 m) high; This 775 room home has 78 bathrooms. Two hundred and forty of the rooms are bedrooms (52 for family members and guests, and 188 for live-in staff). The home contains 760 windows and 1,514 doors, and includes a chapel, cinema, swimming pool, and even its own post office.

Is there any rational reason to continue supporting what is obviously an absurdity with no socially redeeming value?