Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Football IS Domestic Violence

And it should come as no surprise that the violence goes where these clown go; on or off the field.

Americans spend billions of dollars and devote countless hours feeding their "blood lust" which get's passed off as entertainment.

Since when did scrambling peoples brains, breaking bones, and drawing blood become a form of entertainment?

So, why kid ourselves and stop with the surprise and shock reaction when see these gladiators in tights bludgeon a woman or beat a kid during off hours. These clowns are trained to be violent and  are rewarded millions to be good at it. The nastier they are the more their fans love them.

The problem is, they just can't turn it off when they step off the field. What we see on the filed is what we get off the field.

Maybe it's something to think about next time you grab a 6-pak and plant yourself in front of your flat screen and start screaming for blood.